The Arcane Doctrine

The early Oligarchs of Nazrov deliberated on the merits of magic in the world and issued a doctrine regarding the Nazrovian position on it. This doctrine was better defined in its earliest years, but has stood unchanged for generations. It stands today as the law of the land regarding the use of arcane power.

The arcane doctrine states that magic is a force beyond the understanding of mortals and is not meant for our use. Attempts to do so have wide-ranging, extreme, and little-understood effects on the world. Those who ignore these facts and wield magic for their own selfish gain are putting all of the world’s people at risk. This is immoral and highly dangerous and Nazrov will seek to eliminate the threat Magi pose to its people and the entire world.

Residents and citizens of Nazrov are forbidden to participate in any arcane activity under penalty of death. All loyal Nazrovians are called upon to report any such behavior. Failure to do so will result in punishment.

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The Arcane Doctrine

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